Advantage of way2dr Online booking platform

Way2dr offers all medical clinics doctors & patients a simple, yet extensive booking system, This Online appointment Booking is a great and convenient platform to book appointments online from any city, state or place through web or from your mobile device any time. It Increase patient satisfaction Enable your patients to book a time slot at their convenience, reduce wait times , and reduce no-shows with automated reminders.

1) 24/7 Access :

By using the way2dr scheduling software, patients can make appointment 24/7.

2) SMS/email confirmation :

–Automatic sms/email reminders are sent to your patients before the appointments to reduce no-shows and increase the service level.

– Automatic sms/email reminders to your staff, so they will get notified before patient appointments.

3) Ease in Retrieving Patient Information :

Access to all patient information at all times, so doctors can easily look up information relating to the patients and their booking history.

4) Manages Multiple Appointments :

You can effortlessly coordinate multiple schedules to create a single integrated schedule. For example, a clinic with several healthcare practitioners can create a single schedule which checks availability from the schedules of all practitioners.

5) Cost -Effective :

Prevent miscommunication and reduce the pressure on your staff by simplifying their work process.

Selecting way2dr online doctor appointment booking platform and get a best medical experts at very cost-effective price.